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Congratulations, Seacruise!
« on: November 26, 2016, 01:35:05 PM »
20 years! What a great accomplishment! Thank you Phil for this unique forum  :thanx:
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Re: Congratulations, Seacruise!
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2016, 08:33:34 PM »
Thank you!

Seacruise was started by a two guys named Pete and Neil. I got to cruise with both of them and their wives.

I became part of them in December of 1996.

Over the years we did many firsts like the first Cruise Review Site run by Steve. He built a data base second to none and it was the premier site to post reviews (over 1100 reviews on it at the time). The sad part was he was on his 25th Anniversary Cruise in Hawaii and had what was believed to be a heart attack while swimming and passed away. The review site soon disappeared. It was also the only site in the world that included and encouraged photos with reviews and this was in the time of dial-up.

I started posting the Canal Schedule about 15 years ago. You have no idea how many times people have tried to copy it. One of the early highlights was the Vatican browsed the site and at that time that was considered a big deal. I remember doing a capture of a US Navy ship and the wife who was in the photo sent me an email thanking me for that.
There has been emails from a Chief Petty Officer from a UK Navy Vessel asking about a certain cruise ship about to transit the canal as they were shadowing them. I asked why and never did get an answer.
In the early years while on cruises and running the review site we would be singled out on a cruise and special items would appear.
There was one cruise on Sea Princess (8 of us total from here) in December 2001 that George and I entered the Captains Circle Party and the Hostess Mandy was introducing everyone to the Captain. We mentioned our names and Mandy said to the Captain these are part of the group I was telling you about. She excused herself and asked us to follow. We were escorted right to the front of the stage where a table awaited with a reserve sign on it and a bottle of Champagne. How to feel so small at that moment in front of all those fellow members.
We pretty much didn't have to pay for another drink on board. They also arranged for the Atrium Cam to be moved to show us at the Champagne waterfall back to our fellow Seacruise members.

Over the years I have pretty much met everyone except one and the current people such as Manuela, Linda and Phyllis to name a few. It hasn't been for the lack of trying. Manuela came here to Vancouver and I decided to take a last minute cruise and didn't see her but she saw me as the ship departed.

Recently we lost another member in Joyce from New York, who was with us since almost the start. Then about the same time we lost Linda which was hard for me in a way. She had managed to do something I had tried to do for years but was unsuccessful. Linda built a re-pore with the Panama Canal and was able to get information that I could not. Linda at the start would screw things up and then email me for help. I always fixed it but she would reply I am giving up and want to leave. Over time she became better and found her place. Linda will be truly missed. I truly miss what she has done and I wish I could get an answer on what the heck is going on with the cams.

Last week I received an email from someone living in Panama over looking the canal asking if I could change the direction of the transits from EB/WB to NB/SB. I have had this question many times and we discussed it many years ago and decided on WB/EB because the ships were travailing west to the west coast and east to the east coast. 
I truly do get it when I get this type of email that we are wrong, but we are wrong with a reason.

This year has been hard on me as we just don't have many people participating as we used to have. It is hard to put this together for a few people. I know there are many more out there looking at it but the interest has slowed down. The advertising on Seacruise is used to pay the server costs. That is now becoming a problem.
I have talked to a few of you and you all say that there is nothing out there to replace the schedule.
I have thought it would be nice to go out on a high note of 20 years then again this week I have had some thoughts with the recent Princes announcement of doing Canal Cruises during the summer of 2018 on Caribbean Princess.

Who knows, but I do appreciate your words and emails.



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Re: Congratulations, Seacruise!
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2016, 08:50:29 PM »
Congrats to Seacruise on 20 years!!!..

I'm sorry I haven't been as active in the last few years.. but my best story was when Phil and others came to Barbados on a cruise and I had the pleasure of driving around the island and showing off where I live. 

The best part was when I told my daughter that I was meeting some friends coming off a ship in the port.. she said..  how do you know these people, from your home town??  I said. no.. I met them on an online chat group about cruising (IRC)..  and she said.. Mom.. you are always telling me never to plan to meet anyone you chat with on line. 

Phil.. is there a way to boost membership and readership by doing some social media advertising?   Just wondering.

Wish I was cruising more, but haven't in a few years.   but it still is my favorite way to take a holiday.