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For all those people out there that like to see where a ship there are several AIS sites that report live positions of ships.

Some sites require you to subscribe some don't.

AISLive is no longer available without a major subscription. No more Free section.

Vessel tracker - Now has Panama Canal

Norway, AIS LIVE

San Francisco, AIS LIVE, FREE, Real Time


Thanks to Joe for the information.


Pinky and Perky:
This is what made me join up.
I have used AIS from the start.
Then they went greedy and wanted money to see the "live show" and then more greedy and restricted what you could see.
I lost Panama details all together until I noticed your link.
Many thanks...I have Panama back :bounce: :bounce:.
I thought I should join up as you have some great tips and yes a great forum.
Still missing New York you have a link for this? :help:.
Pinky and Perky

Carolyn Jane:
NY harbour here...But I'm not sure of the updating...Sometimes I know a ship is there, but it isn't showing...CJ

Pinky and Perky:
Many thanks for the information will give it a go.
Thought I had hit a dead end, never to see NY harbour again.
Yes AIS is good at giving "old" information, I once had the same screen shot of the English Channel for 1 week.
The ship I was following by this time was in the Mediterranean well on her way :doh:.
Emailed AIS..they said thanks for pointing it out...just a small problem :doh:

P & P.


AisLive (Free) changed so many of their links off the map that no longer are clickable. I have figured out how to get them back if you need an area that is shown on the AisLive map let me know and I will get it for you.



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