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Cape Cod 13:
I don't think she is one of ours, from the flag, which isn't to clear, and the men are not in whites. Help. Maybe someone can get better info at the Miraflores Locks. C.C.13  :doh: :help: ???

Cape Cod 13:
Boy did she transits fast. I still don't know who she is. C.C.13   :doh: :help: ???

Cape Cod 13:
I can tell by the flag she is out of Panama. They had a hard time getting off to Haiti, so I think they are leaving tonight. See the people waving at the visitor's center, which would be closed at 5:00p.m. C.C.13

frank m:
Linda that is the Mexican Navies - ARM Zapoteco AMP-02


Cape Cod 13:
Thanks Frank. I better look at the flag a little better next time. I know Panama used the President's new plane a couple of days ago to go to Haiti. I still can't understand the Visitor's Center being opened and the people waving. That's why I thought she was out of Panama. Well at least I got the part right about going to Haiti. Looks like Mexico has spent a lot of ships, good for them. How did you find the web site? That was some good work.
C.C.13  :thanx:  :bounce:  thumbup


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