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The original Press release was in Italian and this was translated into English so please understand that the English may not be just right.  ;D


the incredible spectacle of lights and music that celebrates the made in Italy and will have an excellent prologue to the Frecce Tricolori.
Genoa, April 1 2009 - E 'today formally started the countdown for the big event of the baptism of the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica, the two new ships of Costa Crociere, which will be held in Genoa, Friday June 5 and will involve all city.

It 'the first time in history that two Italian navy ships are baptized in the same place, at the same time: an exceptional occurrence that Costa Crociere, the largest tourist group and the Italian cruise company No.1 in Europe, has undergone Guinness World Records to ensure that the certificate.

A unique event that Costa Cruises dedication to your country with pride and the Tricolore and has decided to implement in Genoa, a city in which it operates steadily since 1856 to establish once again the link with the territory. Grasping the importance of the event, the Municipality of Genoa and the Liguria Region have decided to celebrate this important moment calling the whole city to celebrate with the public exhibition of the National Aerobatic Patrol, scheduled for June 5 in the skies of Corso Italia, who also pay a tribute to the two new ships.

The show that will accompany this outstanding event of baptism is called "Italian Portrait in Light and Music" and celebrated the ability, all Italian, to turn dreams into solid reality. Starting from the inspiring theme of vessels - the music and the Costa Pacifica Costa Luminosa light - again directed a journey through the best talent and Italian artists known throughout the world. These include the performance of musical and artistic personalities of the most representative of the Italian and international, including the Maestro Mauro Pagani, musician of recognized reputation with thirty years experience, who signed the soundtrack of the Costa Pacifica, the first "ship of music. " The evening will close a show that will involve the whole town with lights, music and fireworks.

Friday June 5 Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica will be moored in the Port of Genoa to Ponte Andrea Doria, creating an amphitheater totally original inside host a big stage and grandstand for 4,000 guests, among them for the first time, there will be also guests on the two cruise ships.

"The baptism of the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica is a very important moment for our company is the tangible result of the success that follows the ongoing commitment to innovate and renew the concept of travel and hospitality, which distinguishes the international leadership of Costa Cruises - said Pier Luigi Foschi, Chairman and CEO of Costa Crociere SpA - A unique event that celebrates a tradition of Italian business, which Costa Crociere has chosen to celebrate the Port of Genoa. I am pleased that the institutions have understood the deeper value of this event that celebrates and gives luster to the city and the territory, and I thank them for trying to enrich our day of celebration with another event, an emblem of pride Italian. It will be an honor to receive the homage of Frecce Tricolori that will perform for the city. "

"The simultaneous launch of two new ships of the Costa Cruises fleet - says Mayor Marta Vincenzi - renews the ancient sailing to Genoa, reinforces the image of its strategic role of ports in the Mediterranean, highlight the international dimension of Its seaport. I am sure that Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica will help to raise awareness and spread the image of Genoa, in its tourism and cultural. On June 5 will be a day of celebration for the city, thanks to Frecce Tricolori that in five years will return to color the sky ligurian with their spectacular developments. "

"I think it very important that this event takes place in Liguria, in the port of Genoa, confirming the link between Costa, its activities and cruise ports ligurian - said the President of Regione Liguria Claudio Burlando - A signal of particular significance at a time of crisis as the current one. The activities of cruise ships is valuable both for the work they give is the shipbuilding industry for the development that leads to the tourist trade. Thanks to this synergy that may be counting more and more known and visited locations ligurian offering a wealth of environmental resources, historical and artistic importance. "

"What is right to celebrate today with pride - said Alessandro Repetto, President of the Province of Genoa - not only the extraordinary leadership of baptizing two cruise ships in the same place at the same time, excellent results of the great enterprise of Costa Crociere, which Genoa honored with the presence of its headquarters. What we need today to be proud is the Italian character of this operation which sees two new vessels of a group with Italian management, flying the Italian flag, made entirely in Italian and yards with a staff of officers, including young cadets trained and qualified at the Italian Merchant Marine, the official school for pupils born in Genoa thanks to Costa Crociere, which collaborates with us from the foundation to this project by providing real employment opportunities and career possibilities for young people who are growing in number rediscovering the sea as a professional experience. "

The performance of the Frecce Tricolori Course in Italy will be possible thanks to the support of Aero Club of Genoa.

The two new vessels, both flying the Italian flag as the other 12 ships in the Costa Cruises fleet, is the emblem of Made in Italy: a commissioned Fincantieri, construction took a total of 6000 employees between Fincantieri and employees of about 500 companies of ' induced, most of them Italian, to an investment of over 900 million. The 2 ships are part of an expansion plan which is the largest in the world, with 5 new ships arriving in 2012 for a total investment of 2.4 billion euros.

Costa Luminosa
Costa Luminosa will have a tonnage of 92,600 tons and can accommodate up to 2826 guests total.
It will be the "diamond" of the fleet, the ship's most exclusive and innovative, dedicated to high-end clientele of the Costa. Starting with the avant-garde design and the use of fine materials like marble, wood, pearl and glass from Murano. In addition to works of art of great merit, as the sculpture by Fernando Botero "Woman lying down in 2004" that will enrich the atrium. The opportunities for fun, relaxation and entertainment on board and many are outstanding, all of which set new technological point of view: Cinema 4D; track rollerskate; Golf Simulator with the latest generation of "putting green" car simulator Gran Award; "Playstation Wolrd", equipped only with a Playstation 3, an exclusive wellness center "Samsara Spa" from 3500 square meters with room for Kinesis Technogym, a world.

Costa Pacifica
Pacific coast, 114,500 tons of tonnage and total Guest 3780, sister of the current admiral Costa Concordia and Costa Serena, will be the ship of music: the best music of all time is not the only theme that will inspire the interior design of the various areas public, but a genuine experience that will lead guests on a journey "music" to explore the ship. Each area will be marked by one of the 29 songs the exclusive soundtrack by the Maestro Mauro Pagani, consisting of 22 pieces arranged among the most famous of all time and 7 original music specially composed for the ship. Aboard the Costa Pacifica, the music is not only to listen to. The flagship Costa is the first ship in the world to have a real room with recording equipment more sophisticated, where guests can sing their favorite song on a music and record it on a cd memory. Aboard the Costa Pacifica, as well as Costa Luminosa, will find the best of the latest proposals by the Costa fleet: the Samsara Spa wellness area (over 6,000 m²), which includes fitness center, comfortable cabins with direct access to and a dedicated restaurant, a car simulator by GP, a central swimming pool, two decks, with glass cover and mobile mega from 18 m². And the Playstation Wolrd ", equipped only with a Playstation 3.

Costa Crociere is the largest tourist group and the Italian cruise company in Europe 1. For over 60 years brings in all the seas of the world the best of the Italian cuisine and entertainment, for a dream holiday of relaxation and fun. In 2008 about 1.2 million guests chose a Costa cruise, the true historical record in Europe. The 12 vessels in its fleet, all flying the Italian flag, each with a unique and unmistakable style, offer the opportunity to visit each year some 250 different destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Baltic, Caribbean, South America, UAE, Far East and Indian Ocean. 2 more new ships - the Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica - are delivered in late April and late May 2009 and will be baptized in Genoa on June 5 in 2009 and 3 more new units are in order. Costa Crociere is RINA certified with the BEST4, structured system of voluntary certification in the field of social responsibility (SA 8000, 2001), environment (UNI EN ISO 14001, 2004), safety (OHSAS 18001, 2007) and quality ( UNI EN ISO 9001, 2008). All ships in the Costa fleet received the notation "Green Star" by RINA to certify compliance with the highest standards of environmental protection. Costa Cruises is Italy's side WWF for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. In 2008 Costa Crociere SpA It is also apparent at 72 th place for the turnover and the 12th place ranking in the profitability of Mediobanca, which takes into account over 3,700 Italian companies with at least 50 million euros in turnover last year.