Author Topic: What would you like to see for repeat passengers?  (Read 3111 times)

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What would you like to see for repeat passengers?
« on: June 27, 2008, 10:53:32 AM »
I first started cruising in 1983 with Holland America.

I have cruised a few lines including Sitmar, Princess, NCL, Celebrity and of course Holland America.

I understand Holland America is going to roll out a new Mariner program in early 2009.

I do understand that HAL does have a very high repeat ratio. Some things suggested would tax many services on board such as free dinner or lunch in the Pinnacle. Free internet is another that causes a already limited service even further problems. Suggesting Free WiFi in the cabins for those that decide to bring their laptops isn't the answer either. There is just so much bandwidth available off those satellites and allowing it to be thinned out to a point where it is unusable.

Some things I have liked of "other" programs is discount drinks in one bar aboard ships when you show your membership card. Remember that cruise lines get their liquor at duty free prices so this really isn't a hardship.
Private lounge (think Princess here) to await getting off the ship.
I have enjoyed the free Welcome aboard Champagne in the cabin, mind you I like it but there are many who don't.

On board credits are very good because it allows the Customer to use it where they want to use it and how they want to use it. It really doesn't tax the system and more.

The ability to book online and get the lowest possible rate would be nice. Many times I have looked at the online rate and know I can get a far better rate than that they are offering me online. Hotels have the lowest room guarantee why not the cruise line? Isn't a Mariner, Captains Circle a Group technically speaking?

I do like the tiles that Holland America offers and it is always a nice reminder on a given day because I always have my last tile beside my computer for my drink of the day.

Guaranteed dinning times would be nice. The current cruise I am booked on had the dinning times closed months ago. In fact a cruise I am looking at for fall of 2009 has the dinning times already closed, yet there appears to be lots of space on this cruise.
For my current cruise my TA called Ship Board services and asked that I be confirmed for my requested dinning time even though it was closed because I was a long time Mariner. I was waitlisted and then confirmed within 1 hour of his request.

Just a few of my thoughts on this one, what would you like to see?