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« on: March 27, 2008, 12:58:11 PM »
SEADREAM YACHT CLUB GOES POP---And Rock, Jazz, Soul, R & B and Bossa Nova too

14-FEB-2008 SEADREAM YACHT CLUB GOES POP-->And Rock, Jazz, Soul, R & B and Bossa Nova too

And---Oh Yes---Operates Those Elegant Seagoing Holidays as Well.

SeaDream Yacht Club has created its own music CD to invoke the spirit of a SeaDream seagoing holiday with Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, R & B, and Bossa Nova.

The album---called Dream, of course----features an array of young, modern Grammy award-winning and Grammy nominated performing artists---Norah Jones, Bebel Gilberto, Marc Broussard, Samantha James, Erin Bode and James Hunter and others.

The Dream music project was spearheaded by Adrienne d’Annunzio, Manager of the SeaDream Club and Charity Programs, and of the upscale operator’s onboard Boutique program.

Commenting on the CD, SeaDream President & CEO Larry Pimentel said “Adrienne is a triple threat SeaDreamer. She’s added a third title to her job responsibilities---we now call her Impresario.

“To create the Dream CD Adrienne worked with Rock River Music, an industry leader in branded music services,” Pimentel said.

Impresario Adrienne said “the album is stylish, soothing blissful, invigorating and fun, just like a SeaDream holiday.
“As you listen to these 12 tracks you can feel the sands of St. Barts between your toes, see Capri on the horizon, smell the fresh sea air and feel the gentle motion of your SeaDream yacht sailing for St. Tropez. Our Dream CD invokes that kind of mood.”

“SeaDream, along with companies like GAP, Starbucks, W Hotels and Pottery Barn are among the many that have found music inspires, motivates and connects you with your audience. We believe music helps to define the SeaDream brand and casual lifestyle,” Pimentel added.

All staterooms aboard SeaDream’s twin mega-yacht cruisers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including a CD player.