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Title: Need a laugh... Life after Death..
Post by: Phil on March 20, 2008, 07:03:07 PM
First off I must say that this post is some of the dealings I have had with my Dad prior to his passing and after his passing. There will be more at a later date but I Monty Python comes to mind on all this.

I have had to deal with some strange things over the last few months with my Dad and most recently with his passing, but today was nothing short of amazing.

A little background has Rogers Communications getting ousted from Western Canada many years ago over bad service. The real problem was a major blunder where they brought in 50 or so new channels and gave them to the people for 6 months or so then saying once that period was over we would have to call to cancel those channels. How many people remember after 6 months to cancel? Most didn’t want the channels in the first place.
When the dust settled they did an exchange of area where they took over Eastern Canada from Shaw and Shaw took over Western Canada. Made sense since Shaw’s head Office was in Calgary and Rogers was in Toronto.

I admit from the start I hate Rogers and hate dealing with them. A few years ago the Canadian Government allowed all over phone service in Canada by any carrier. Back comes Rogers into Western Canada. They were offering great rates so Dad changed his phone to Rogers. Dad always looked for the best deal.

Last September I had to deal with Dad’s phone bill for him and it required I call them because he is hard of hearing and refuses to wear his hearing aids. I called and explained that I was Dad’s son, and what needed to be done. They asked to speak to Dad, so I put Dad on the phone and of course the conversation didn’t last long because he couldn’t hear them or understand what they wanted, in the end I took the phone back and Rogers Customer Service (RCS) said they would place me on his account so I could deal with them in future rather than him.
I explained that Dad’s bill was long overdue and I was needed to make a payment on it. They suggested I visit the nearest Rogers Video store and pay it there and call them with the reference number. Ok I said I will do that later today and call them back.
Arrival at the store was painless up until I tried to pay the bill. I handed the bill with the cheque attached and was asked if this was my account. I said no (first mistake) and then was told I could not pay it. I said what the heck? They explained I can’t pay someone else’s account, I said it is my Dad’s account and this cheque is from him I am merely dropping it off and beside I am on his account. No can’t do I am told.
I ask for the Manager and we get into a long discussion and finally he agrees to accept the payment but says I am not to do this again.

A month goes by and I am off to another local Rogers store to pay his bill again but this time I am him. Nope this time they want a driver’s licence as ID. Huh what’s this, to pay a bill? Can Rogers make this any harder to pay a bill? Long story I am given the lecture on how I can’t pay his bill but they will accept it this time.

Time goes on and I make arrangements to pay his bill online from his bank account.

Dad passes away a few weeks back and I have to call to cancel his account. So I call and they won’t talk to me because I am not on his account, nor am I executor. Great I think another fun time with Rogers.
I got an overdue bill from Rogers this week and thought great I can let this go and they will cancel his account for non payment and that will be done with.
I decided today to try and deal with this rather than just leave it. So a call to RCS is in order.

I call their 1800 number and asked to input my account number, which I do. I am asked by automated voice what I want to do and I say cancel home phone. One moment please it says and within one minute I get this lady who says can I have your name please. I say my name, and she asks for my postal code which I give her.

You can see where this is going.

She is staring at the screen I am sure and there is about 30-45 seconds of dead air. She says I must have the wrong account could you please give me that account number you punched in which I do. She then says what your name is; I give her MY name and then MY postal code again. There is another 30-45 seconds of dead air.
She then asks is this your account and I say no it is my Fathers account that recently passed away. I say that YOU asked ME for MY name and postal code so I just did as YOU asked. Dead silence, again. I decide to end this silence and explain I am supposed to be on the account but for some reason that has been lost.
RCS explains that they need his permission for me to be placed on the account.
I explain that maybe she missed the part of him recently passing away and that is a bit tough at this point, but if you insist I will bring his URN up onto the desk and place the phone next to him and you can talk to him. I said I would doubt that it would help but I was up to doing it if she thought it would help.
Dead silence on the other end.
Hello, Hello and RCS responds ah yes I have to get a RCS Supervisor for this.

A few minutes go by and now I have RCS Supervisor on the phone.

I explain things to her and she agrees that she will cancel the phone on April 11th as requested.

I then had to ask the question because I hate Rogers so much. Now since this bill is over due how can I pay this at my local Rogers store because they won’t accept payment from me as I am not who the service is with. She says you should be able to do it but not sure why the local stores have this policy.
I said well I could take my Dad’s URN to the local Rogers store that has refused payment in the past with his bill and cheque attached to it and place it on the counter and say I am here to help my Dad pay his bill.
There was dead silence again on the phone.
I say hello again, and she says I think I will call them for you and tell them to accept payment and find out why they won’t take a payment from you.
I say don’t bother I will pay it online to save the hassle.

I talked to my sister and she says no we want to teach Rogers a lesson so get him ready I will get the video camera and we will go in and pay the bill. Tape the cheque to the URN and when asked we will say we are just there to help him pay his bill.

It never ends.

At least I can laugh about this. I am sure that both RCS reps will remember this day for a long time.