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World of ResidenSea ~ History
« on: August 03, 2006, 02:17:07 PM »
History of the Company

"Travel the world without leaving home" was the inspired promise that started it all in 1995. The unique concept was a vision of a luxury residential ship that would continually sail around the world. Its residents would be an international community of active and accomplished individuals with a continuing desire to travel, participate and learn.

Eight years later, on October 30th 2003, that vision became a reality when the Residents took ownership of The World making it, in effect, the world's largest private yacht. But how did all this come about? Here's a little history.

The World was launched in March 2002, when it began its maiden sailing from Oslo. The Ship began its history-making voyage with over 60% of the apartments already sold.

At present, almost 90% of the available apartment space is sold.

The World is our home. We sail around the world, seeing, learning and discovering all that is out there. The World is now a reality that we enjoy every day.

We invite you to come join us.

The Residents of The World
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