Updated September 20 2023
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Caribbean Princess New Locks Transit

Started by Phil, May 24, 2022, 05:36:20 PM

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Hi there,

I recently transited the Panama Canal via Cocoli and Auga Locks on Caribbean Princess on 09 May 2022.

Here are some photos of the transit.

Bridge of America in the background.

MiraFlores locks to the right

Approaching Cocoli Locks

Cocoli Lock Gates sliding open

There is a tug at both the bow and stern pulling/pushing the ship in/out of the locks and trying to keep it in the centre of the locks.

There is about 15 feet or 5m on each side for clearance.

These 4 guys take the line from the ship and then tie it off to one of the anchor points and tighten the line to remain cantered in the lock slowly letting line out or in depending if you are going up or down in the lock. 

Cocoli Control Tower

Looking out out on the stern to where we have been....

Water storage ponds. used to recycle the water

Miraflores locks in the distance

Pedro Migel Locks

Note the mule s in the background which are not used on the new locks.

Gatun Locks to the left Agua Clara locks straight ahead

These gates also are used as bridges to get from one side to the other. Not all gates serve this purpose.

Fresh water crocodile, yes he is big!

Atlantic Bridge

Gatun Locks Entrance/Exit

Port of Colon

I had last been through the "original" locks back in 1984 with Sitmar Cruises on the Fairwaind.

Hope this gives you an idea of the process. The weather could not have been better.

The cost normally is $550,000 in cash for Caribbean Princess to transit but because it was only half full it was only $340,000.


Thanks for the pictures, Phil. I have yet to go through the Canal. I have "seen" Gatun in operation, but not sailed through it.