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Phil sails Celebrity Millenium - Tokyo to Vancouver

Started by Phil, February 28, 2019, 06:09:49 PM

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Tough to pass this one up.

Was as low as $330 USD.

May have screwed up a bit as Golden Week starts on April 26. There is 4 or 5 straight days all banks closed.
We have the Emperor stepping down  April 30th so this has created extra holidays.

April 27    Tokyo (Oi Marine Product Pier), Japan       7:00pm
April 28    At Sea       
April 29    Hakodate, Japan    7:00am    4:30pm
April 30    At Sea       
May 1      At Sea       
May 2    Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, Russia    8:00am    6:00pm
May 3    At Sea       
May 4    At Sea       
May 4    Cross International Dateline (Cruising) - for a second time      
May 5    At Sea       
May 6    At Sea       
May 7    At Sea       
May 8      At Sea       
May 9    Victoria, BC, Canada    8:00am    7:00pm
May 10    Vancouver, BC, Canada    7:00am    



Quote from: Manuela on February 28, 2019, 09:53:36 PM
Sometimes you just gotta jump on a deal thumbup
This is true.

The interesting part was we were looking at this and decided to go with an outside.
Then the price drop occurred and we ended moving way up to Concierge Class for less than the OV and a shipboard credit as well.

The good news too was a got a very good hotel deal near Tokyo Disney in a brand new Hotel for about $80 USD a night. Hotels around it are going for 300 to 400 a night. Oh yes we get a room at 344 square feet vs 114.

Yes sometimes you just have to go.

I just found out if I had done my homework I could have taken Diamond Princess for 8 days around Japan arriving back the day of our next cruise for $600 pp oh and Princess Air is much cheaper than Celebrity Choice air.




I am slipping in my older age. I should have seen this one..... :doh: