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Pink and Perky goes around the world on the Arcadia Blog

Started by Phil, December 24, 2010, 05:59:08 PM

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Pinky and Perky

Farewell Gala Party tonight.
Missus O really wanted a photo with this Scotsman in the background.
So l will share with you, here it is.

P & O are very proud of the fact that all its Executive Chefs have been inducted into the prestigious "Chaine des Rotisseurs" gastronomic society.
A number of times now on this RTW cruise the galley chef's parade through the restaurant to celebrate this fact, passengers really enjoy this with lots of hand clapping and twirling of table napkins!
Here are a few photos.

This is a photo of our two current waiters.
Here are Ramesh on the left and Paulo on the right.
Ramesh has been with us all the way and has a wonderful smile, but get the camera out and he will not smile.
Paulo joined Arcadia in Singapore.

That is not me in the photo, but a fellow passenger.

Here is Vimesh our wine waiter, again been with us all the way.
Have you spotted the Tabasco C.C.13?, as soon as Ramesh spots us walking towards our table, he sprints over and places the Tabasco in front of my wife's table setting.

Bye. :wave:

P & O. thumbup 8)

Pinky and Perky

Day 83 28th March, 2011.

This is our last sea day and last day of the cruise, very sad :'( :'( :'(, Southampton tomorrow.

It is a big packing day today and big party time tonight :bounce: Cheers, hopefully :bounce: :bounce: Cheers Cheers.

Post again when l can.

Bye. :wave: :wave:

P & O Cheers

Pinky and Perky

We have had a wonderful sail through the Bay Of Biscay today.
Unlike our outward bound first 2 days.

Calm today with some mist/ sea fog.

Just off Brest north west France and making good time.

Southampton port information puts our arrival at 05.30am tomorrow local.
No other cruise ships due in tomorrow but Oriana is due in the day after.
May find time to photo her.

Well that is it for now.

Bye. :wave:

P & O thumbup 8)

Pinky and Perky

One of our last photos on Arcadia.

Grace our Stewardess left, and Ashok our Butler on the right.

Grace is from the Philippines and Ashok from India.

Both joined Arcadia for the start of the RTW cruise(January) and will finish at the end of September.
A long time.

Both are, as well as other crew members, looking forward to the Alaska season.

Wish them and Arcadia well.

Bye :wave:

P & O thumbup 8)

Pinky and Perky

We are home and settling back into "normal" life without Arcadia.

Boy is it tough. :help:

For us it was a pleasure to be sailed around the world by Arcadia, its Masters and crew.

Arcadia sailed a total distance of 33,887 nautical miles.

Pampered by Grace our Stewardess and Ashok our Butler.

Indulge in fine cuisine and wines that added so many inches to the waist line and other extremities :help:.

Served by outstanding waiters and entertained by first class shows.

Most importantly, a huge thank you to Phil, for his generosity in providing us with the platform to share our fantastic voyage with you all :thanx:.

So the big question must be "What is next"?

A sequel?

Popeye and Olive, Pinky and Perky go around the world 2? >:D

No not this one.

We have booked Arcadia for her "Grand Odyssey" voyage 2012.
Not the full 109 nights!!

We will pick her up in Hong Kong on 16th February and sail back to Southampton :bounce:.
Some new and very nice exciting ports for us.
More on this later.

So we will sign off on this blog for now.

Popeye played by Popeye (Peter).
Olive played by Kanya.
Arcadia appeared by kind permission of P & O Cruise.

Brought to you by the kindness of Phil and Seacruise.

Arcadia sailing away on her next cruise.

Bye :wave:

P & O Cheers 8) ;D

Pinky and Perky

No not all folks ::) :o

An addendum.

I thought some of you may be interested in this.
It is a brief day by day log from Arcadia's bridge of our RTW cruise.
It was produced at the end of each sector/leg, so here are 5 logs.
You may need an hour or so to read, so could be a great bed time read to help you doze off quickly!

Thanks go to Phil and Chris for their hard work and assistance in bringing these to the forum.
All l did was scan!

These maybe a little small for you to read, l click onto the page and it is automatically magnified to a decent size.
Hope you enjoy.

P & O. 8)