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Panama Canal Schedule on the forums

Started by Phil, January 14, 2010, 04:37:34 PM

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As many of you know there is a duplication of the schedule with one being on the site and then one on here under Calendar.

Recently we have had problems with posters posting a Transit of a ship they don't see right away on the schedule on this forum. This leads to duplicate postings for the same transit.The problem is it could by 1-5 pages down the list because I posted it 1-3 months ago or more. I have to "merge" the topics into one so there is no confusion.

The easy way to solve this is look at the home page and then scroll to the bottom and look for Upcoming Calendar below this is a list of the events for the next seven days. Click on any of the upcoming events and it will take you to that page. This will stop you from looking at page one only of Panama Canal Transits and not seeing the transit you are looking for and searching several pages afterwords.

Another way is to click on Calendar at the top of the page and when the calendar pops up click on what month you want at the bottom of the calendar and look for the event you want and click on it. For instance if you bring up the March 2010 Calendar and look at March 21 you will see SPV STAR FLYER E/B , click on it and it will take you to the forum post for that transit. Since I posted this back in September 2009 it is likely on page 15+ and not easy to find when that date comes up.

I post some events up to 2 months in advance because I may not have time to post them the normal one month away because I am away or know I am bust at the time I would normally do it. The Star Flyer was posted very early so I would not forget her.

If there is nothing on the Calendar under events then I have missed the transit like last weeks Mona Lisa. At that time please post it.

Thank You



Only a minor observation as where it says page updated on the calender it still has 2011.


In all the changes to the the copyright to 2012 I left one out.....

Been corrected now.