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Staying late.
In Puntarenas with Carnival Miracle.
19 Jan 2018.  Friday, at Sea.  Mary found out at brunch that the reason we made so many manouvers last night was we were refueling.  The announcements must have been about smoking.  AIS froze us soon after, so I was able to find and enlarge our track, and it looked like spaghetti.  Worse than a new ship on sea trials.  WE didn't leave the area until 2300 or so. 
     We slept in and I didn't go to breakfast until mid-morning.  Mary went later.  The weather was nice and sunny.  People complain about the heat, but it is nothing like where we are in the summer.  I don't even remember what I did, other than adding ice to the tea left in my bottle.  We had our diamond/platinum reception before dinner.  Four types of appetizers, free drinks.  Mary had a glass of Rose, I didn't want anything.  The snacks were a shrimp tart, two types of sushi, and the barbecue pork sliders.  I had one slider.  Then we went to dinner. 
   After dinner we abstained from the ventriloquist and stopped in at Our House, the sports bar.  They had tennis on, and the ever present cricket.  I noticed that everyone in the place that was watching the screens was watching tennis, so I asked if he could put the audio on for the tennis instead of the cricket.  He turned all of the screens behind the bar to tennis.  Just one screen off to the side was cricket.  WE stayed until nearly 2300.  Puntarenas tomorrow. 
   I learned something new today.  USB cables bought in the US can't tolerate 220v current.  I have an EU plug with two USB ports.  I plugged it in and hooked it up to my ipad mini.  After awhile, it blew out the lights.  OOPS!  Wonder how many other cabins I blew out... It didn't melt anything, the ipad is fine.  Other than the cracked screen it already had.  That's why I brought it instead of the replacement ipad mini4.  This one is five years old. 
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Island Princess EB - Jan 19
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Panama Canal Transits / Re: Island Princess EB - Jan 19
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Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Splendor WB - NL - Jan 18
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Radu is Carnival's head photographer.  I wonder if he will move to Miracle when we meet in Puntarenas?  CJ
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Splendor WB - NL - Jan 18
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Pictures from a Carnival photographer posted on Facebook by John Heald:
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Splendor WB - NL - Jan 18
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Thunder and lightning, too.  CJ
18 Jan 2018.  Thursday, Panama Canal.  Oh my, a long exhausting day.  WE had the bow cam on the TV and I was up before 6am.  I could see the red lights when we entered the breakwater.  Mary said she could see lightning.  WE could see ships at anchor, mostly their lights.  Then I saw a closer red light, and the pilot boat came up right below out window and let off the pilot, probably below a cabin or two forward. 
     I ran upstairs to the Lido and had a quick, light breakfast.  Then went up forward and ended up on the stairs from the Serenity area to the next deck.  It wasn't an unobstructed view, but wasn't through tinted plexiglas, either.  I wanted to be on deck when we went under the Atlantic Bridge construction.  I also wanted to see when we entered the channel, and it divided.  There was a narrator on the bridge giving us play-by-play of our activity, and historical tidbits.  There was a brief shower, and some people scattered.  I put on my windbreaker.  But it didn't last long, and when I began to sweat too much, I took it off again. 
     WE had a large container ship  ahead of us, and had to wait until it got into the third lock before we could enter the first.  When we were entering the second lock, I ran downstairs to the cabin, to find Mary watching it on the bridgecam.  It was actually a very good view.   I went back out, and this time to the promenade deck (3) and outside under the lifeboats.  I got a few pics from starboard, then went to the port side.  There were several workmen out with weed whackers, and you could really hear them, even though they were up the side of the hill.  As the ship moved through the locks, the paused to watch.
     I wanted pictures of the Visitors Center for the new locks, where we had been in 2013 when it was still a big muddy ditch.  And I zoomed in for a few.  I'm glad I did, as by the time we got by it, it was a real thunderstorm and blowing like crazy.  The rain lands on the tops of the lifeboats, cascades down the sides and drips onto the deck.  I managed to find a slightly sheltered spot as we passed.  When we got into Gatun Lake, I left the area and went back up to the Lido for a snack.  Nearly four hours since breakfast.  I came back to the cabin, after visiting Guest Services and retrieving Mary's Fitbit, which she had lost a couple of days ago.  I tried to get a nap, but only managed an hour of broken drowsing.  Then it was back topside, as I wanted to see us go under the Centennial Bridge and see the divide to Pedro Miguel.  This time I went forward to the open deck forward on deck 7.  Good thing I didn't try for Deck 6.  A fellow had a GoPro hung by magnet up under the bridge overhang.  He said he had it set up on Deck 6, but was chased out because that area was apparently reserved for Diamond members only.  We heard later they were served champagne. 
     WE had a  v e r y  s l o w   bulker in front of us, but were able to pick up some speed after it veered off to Pedro Miguel.  There looked to be a line waiting there.  WE had a bit more rain, and then a heavy shower, more thunder and lightning.  I retreated to the overhang under the bridge, but ventured out occasionally for a shot.  By the time we were in the second lock, the storm was over, just a few sprinkles, and by the time we were out we had blue skies and sunshine.  One fellow there was sure that since we had dry weather on the Caribbean side, and rain as we were raised 85 feet in the third Agua Clara lock, intermittent rain in the canal, and nice weather as we left the last lock, it must have been the 85 feet of elevation that caused us to be rained on.  There was a lot of ignorance flying around. 
     I left just before we went under the Bridge of the Americas.  My back was telling me I had stayed a couple hours too long, as well as my feet.  And my shoes were soaking wet.  It was newrly 5pm when I got back to the cabin.  I really didn't feel like goint to dinner, but we did anyway.  Service started out fast, we only did one appetizer....But then st slowed to slower than a crawl.  It was nearly an hour until the mains came.  Someone at the table said they thought it was because at 4pm, all of the cooks were lined up at the bow watching the transit...
   WE walked to the theater where the evening's entertainment was already in progress.  It was a vocalist, but he seemed to be focused on soul music, so we left.  Too early for the piano bar, didn't feel like shopping, so it was back to the cabin.  I have now had a nap, and am determined not to leave this until tomorrow.  We do set the clocks back an hour tonight, so an extra hour of sleep. 
   During dinner, the ship did a lot or manouvering, no idea why.  Heavy thrusters a half dozen times.  Two announcements were made, but we couldn't hear what was said over the din of talking in the room.  So curious. 
   I have backed up all of my pictures so far into this computer.  This is strictly a Windows 10 operating system, and the photo program is the sorriest one I have encountered.  My home computer was Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 10, so I still can use Windows Photo Gallery.  But you can't load it into this.  Whatever I took on my phone will go into the cloud and I won't have to reload in the the home computer, but those from the camera will have to be loaded.  At least then, I can organize them into folders. 
     Enough for now.  I have to go up to the Lido and refill my bottle with iced tea. 
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Voyages Include Visits to Tropical Destinations Throughout the Caribbean,

Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, New England and the Panama Canal

MIAMI (January 16, 2018) – Carnival Triumph will operate a diverse itinerary schedule in 2019-20, with a wide variety of four- to 14-day departures from New York, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Norfolk, Va., visiting nearly two dozen stunning destinations throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Canada, New England, Bermuda and the Panama Canal.

“We’re delighted to offer this unique schedule on  Carnival Triumph which will operate an array of cruise durations and varied itineraries departing from three convenient homeports along the East Coast,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.   “With such an array of cruise choices vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy short, valued-packed getaways to tropical destinations to longer length departures visiting spectacular ports of call,” she added.

Four- to 14-Day Cruises from New York

Carnival Triumph will offer the wide variety of itinerary choices from the Big Apple with four- to 14-day voyages departing in the summer and fall 2019 visiting beautiful destinations in Bermuda, The Caribbean, Canada and New England, as well as the unforgettable opportunity to visit the Panama Canal.

Five four-day “long weekend” Bermuda cruises depart May 23, June 20, July 18, Aug. 15 and Sept. 12, 2019, and offer guests a full day to experience the island while a six-day Bermuda cruise departs Sept. 16, 2019, and spends two full days at the island.   An eight-day cruise departing June 24, 2019 offers two full days in Bermuda, as well as a stop in Grand Turk.

Three seven-day cruises will also be offered, departing Sept. 22 and 29 and Oct. 6, 2019 and featuring day-long calls in throughout New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

Carnival Triumph’s schedule from New York also includes two distinctly different exotic eight-day Caribbean itineraries: one featuring Grand Turk, San Juan and Amber Cove (Dominican Republic) with departure dates of July 2, 10 and 30, Aug. 7 and 27, Sept. 4, 2019, the other visiting San Juan, St. Thomas and Grand Turk and departing July 22 and Aug. 19, 2019.

There’s also a 10-day exotic eastern Caribbean itinerary departing June 10, 2019, calling at San Juan, Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Grand Turk, as well as a 14-day Carnival Journeys cruise that departs May 27, 2019, and includes the opportunity to visit the Panama Canal during a call in Colon (Panama), as well as visits to Grand Turk, Grand Cayman, Limon (Costa Rica), and Half Moon Cay.  Guests sailing on Carnival Journeys cruises enjoy unique local dining and entertainment experiences and a number of shipboard enrichment activities.

Four- and Five-Day Cruises From Fort Lauderdale

As part of its new schedule, Carnival Triumph will offer a series of four- and five-day cruises from Fort Lauderdale in April 2019 and, following its summer schedule of cruises from New York, will also operate these itineraries from November 2019 through April 2020.  Carnival Triumph will be the only Carnival ship to operate a short cruise itinerary from this port.   On this route, four-day “long weekend” voyages depart Thursdays and visit Nassau and the private Bahamian destinations of Half Moon Cay or Princess Cays.  Five-day sailings departing Saturdays call at Grand Turk, Nassau and Half Moon Cay or Princess Cays, while five-day voyages departing Mondays feature Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman.

Five- and Six-Day Cruises From Norfolk

Carnival Triumph’s schedule will also include five- and six-day Bahamas voyages departing from Norfolk’s Half Moone Cruise Center.   Two five-day voyages will depart May 12 and 17, 2019 calling at Nassau and Freeport while six-day cruises depart May 6, and October 14 and 20, 2019, visiting Half Moon Cay, Nassau and Freeport.

Wide Variety of Onboard Amenities

Carnival Triumph offers guest a wide variety of popular and exciting options, including Guy’s Burger Joint developed in tandem with Food Network star Guy Fieri, the cocktail pharmacy-themed Alchemy Bar, the poolside RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Cantina Tequila Bar, and the BlueIguana Cantina serving authentic Mexican fare.  The ship also features hundreds of balcony staterooms, as well as a luxurious health and wellness facility, complimentary children’s programs for kids in three age groups, and a 214-foot-long cascading water slide.

Prior to the launch of this program, Carnival Triumph will undergo an extensive multi-million-dollar refurbishment that will add a variety of exciting food, beverage and entertainment innovations.
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