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Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Miracle EB - Jan 22
« Last post by Manuela on January 22, 2018, 05:05:50 PM »
One from John Heald on Facebook. Mr. Radu has changed from the Splendor to the Miracle.
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Miracle EB - Jan 22
« Last post by Manuela on January 22, 2018, 04:54:27 PM »
They tend to just go to Colon.
21 Jan 2018.  Sunday, at Sea.  I was up by 9am but stayed in the cabin until noon as I wanted to try Tandoor, the Indian cuisine and it is only open for lunch.  I never think about it as I usually have a relatively late breakfast and am no eating at lunchtime.  The steward knocked on the door with a bag from the laundry.  Would I check the contents.  It was Mary's jeans, but the gray socks were not mine.  But I didn't realize that until he was gone I just glanced in the bag and saw that they were gray.  Guest Services called later to see if everything was okay.  I told her the jeans were good, but the socks were not mine.  They will keep an ear out for someone missing socks...
     I went up and ate, and Mary found me in the Lido eating.  I added some Mexican into the mix, then went wandering, through the shops,  then back to the room for a nap.  The captain came on the intercome, into the cabins even, to say that we are making full speed (21.5 Kn.) to Puerto Quetzal because we have a sick passenger who needs more medical attention.  We should arrive there by 2300, although our original debarkation time will remain 7am.  I wonder where they will take him.  The closest city is Antigua, 1.5 hours away.  I sure hope they bought travel insurance...
     They are showing the NFL games at the pool and in the sports bar, and the casino.  Just not in the cabins.  Mary is napping now. 

     It's now 2215 and we are pulling into Puerto Quetzal. 
     We went to dinner, which had a lot of late comers filtering in.  WE were out faster than usual, and went up to deck 5, glancing at the TV in the casino as we went by.  The Jaguars had lost their game, sad but expected.  The Eagles were leading comfortably.  We went into the EFFY shop and chatted, then headed to the sports bar where we watched them blow the Viking away.  Then some tennis.  They had a mini-buffet set up in the bar entrance, with hot dogs, buns, chili, fried onions, cheese, and other condiments.  Not as crowded as we expected, no trouble finding seats.  Suspect some went to second seating.  WE came down about 2130, but I am going to go up on promenade deck to see what I can. 
     The railing on deck 3 was lined with other nosy people.
     I am not sure this is our permanent spot, but I think so.  All of the men that tied up the lines got in a motorboat and left.  The crew put out two gangways forward, one with ramp and one with steps.  We are t a platform that is less than a football field in size.  Two large rolling hampers were rolled out, one with the rat guards for the lines, and the other with hoses for potable water, which they hooked up, bled the lines for some time, tested a few times, then turned it off and fed the line to someone inside that I couldn't see. 
    Port people, immigration people, one soldier in fatigues, and finally some medical people arrived.  The brought a stretcher that they took inside.  Finally out came the stretcher with an old man on it (heck, he could have been my age) and wheeled it up the ramy and through a building on the other side.  There was a bank of floodlights so I couldn't see well.  Was not seeing an ambulance.  After awhile, a woman came out with another officer, rolling a huge suitcase and he was also carrying a loaded backpack.  The also went up the ramp and through the building.  Presumably there was an ambulance on the other side. 
     I have been here twice before, but this doesn't resemble my hazy memories.  But they can to a lot to a port in five years.  Anxious to see what it looks like in daylight. 
20 Jan 2018.  Saturday, Puntarenas.  It is a bright sunny day.  We have been at the pier since before 0445.  Miracle is to port, other side of the pier.  On the bridgecam I can see buses lining up for tours.  It is a long pier, I think we will have to walk at least a quarter mile to get to shore.  And the buses are all backing down the pier.  We have nothing planned but to go ashore and look for shops.

     I went to breakfast about 0930 and then went out taking pictures.  The dock sure looks like a long walk.  I came back to the cabin and Mary was off getting something to eat.  We layed around until after noon.  We watched a long line of buses back down  the pier. We understand from those who took tours that everything left later than expected.  That caused them to be late getting back, and we didn't leave until 1815, instead of 1700.
     But back to our day.  I left about 1300 to walk into town.  Mary wasn't sure whe wanted to do the walk, so she stayed behind.  I got a few pictures of the ships, and then at the end of the pier, turned left to wander the stalls of the straw market.  Lots of vendors selling much the same stuff.  Nothing I really wanted.  It looked much like the stuff we saw in Mahogany Bay, Roatan.  As I was retracing my steps, I came across Mary, who had decided to come out after all.  I left her to browse and made my way back to the gate.  I saw a sign for the trolley shuttle, and hopped on for the return to the ship.  Neither of us remember anything of this port, except our excursion.  We must have got off the ship and onto a bus, and the bus returned us to the ship.  No shopping other than one place on the tour.  We certainly did not walk the long pier. 
     Before we went out, we received back the laundry we sent out yesterday.  We sent 11 pieces, and got back ten.  But one of those was not ours.  I took the shirt down to guest services, and reported that we were missing a pair of socks and a pair of jeans.  I hope the person who gets them turns them in.  But Mary doesn't seem worried.  She said she was thinking that it means more space in the luggage for souvenirs...
   I went up to the Lido to fill my bottle with iced tea, then went out onto deck 3 promenade to watch people and get pictures of the trolley.  It was free, but the convenience was worth a tip...  I saw Mary come back and get directed to a different gangway.  When we arrived, they had the gangway on deck 1.  But at that time, the tide was very low.  As the day went on, it came in and the gangway got steeper and steeper.  The incline was not such a problem, but there was a sharp slant down getting onto the ship from the gangway, I really had to hold on tight and be careful.  So they opened two gangways on deck 0.  I came back to the cabin and took something of a nap.
     Attendance was low in the dining room, two of our people were on the latest excursion, and another was ill in her cabin.  We managed to get out shortly after 7pm and headed for the theater and the Playlist show 88 Keys.  We have seen it at least twice, and it is always a bit different.  After that we went to the jewelry shop, taking the girls this time.  We also took them to dinner, where they were much admired.  We felt it was time to introduce them to the shipboard EFFY reps.  No beer this time, but each got a pink balloon.  From there, we went to the sports bar and watched tennis until after midnight.  Sea Day tomorrow.
Going on a Cruise / Re: Carolyn Jane sails Carnival Splendor through the new locks
« Last post by Manuela on January 20, 2018, 07:37:14 PM »
Staying late.
Going on a Cruise / Re: Carolyn Jane sails Carnival Splendor through the new locks
« Last post by Manuela on January 20, 2018, 04:23:24 PM »
In Puntarenas with Carnival Miracle.
19 Jan 2018.  Friday, at Sea.  Mary found out at brunch that the reason we made so many manouvers last night was we were refueling.  The announcements must have been about smoking.  AIS froze us soon after, so I was able to find and enlarge our track, and it looked like spaghetti.  Worse than a new ship on sea trials.  WE didn't leave the area until 2300 or so. 
     We slept in and I didn't go to breakfast until mid-morning.  Mary went later.  The weather was nice and sunny.  People complain about the heat, but it is nothing like where we are in the summer.  I don't even remember what I did, other than adding ice to the tea left in my bottle.  We had our diamond/platinum reception before dinner.  Four types of appetizers, free drinks.  Mary had a glass of Rose, I didn't want anything.  The snacks were a shrimp tart, two types of sushi, and the barbecue pork sliders.  I had one slider.  Then we went to dinner. 
   After dinner we abstained from the ventriloquist and stopped in at Our House, the sports bar.  They had tennis on, and the ever present cricket.  I noticed that everyone in the place that was watching the screens was watching tennis, so I asked if he could put the audio on for the tennis instead of the cricket.  He turned all of the screens behind the bar to tennis.  Just one screen off to the side was cricket.  WE stayed until nearly 2300.  Puntarenas tomorrow. 
   I learned something new today.  USB cables bought in the US can't tolerate 220v current.  I have an EU plug with two USB ports.  I plugged it in and hooked it up to my ipad mini.  After awhile, it blew out the lights.  OOPS!  Wonder how many other cabins I blew out... It didn't melt anything, the ipad is fine.  Other than the cracked screen it already had.  That's why I brought it instead of the replacement ipad mini4.  This one is five years old. 
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Island Princess EB - Jan 19
« Last post by Manuela on January 19, 2018, 01:15:04 PM »
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Island Princess EB - Jan 19
« Last post by Manuela on January 19, 2018, 12:08:16 PM »
Panama Canal Transits / Re: Carnival Splendor WB - NL - Jan 18
« Last post by Carolyn Jane on January 19, 2018, 10:10:02 AM »
Radu is Carnival's head photographer.  I wonder if he will move to Miracle when we meet in Puntarenas?  CJ
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