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unmoderated is a forum whose purpose is to provide information and support to cruise ship travelers. Discussion might include (but not be limited to) the relative merits of the various cruise ships and lines, ports of embarkation, ports of call, shore excursions, cruise ship activities, cuisine, entertainment, cruise ship personnel, cruise ship management and the future of cruise ship travel. Discussions related to getting the best deals on cruises will be highly welcome. Such discussions might include early vs. late bookings, money back guarantees, cruise protection insurance, the use of general vs. cruise specific travel agencies and strategies for booking your own cruises. Any topic that relates to cruise ship travel and the cruise industry itself could be subject for discussion. In addition, discussion will be allowed on the history of cruise ship and ocean liner travel. will:

1. Help the traveler make an informed decision in how to book a cruise without the pressure of a travel agent (travel agents are welcome to the group and are encouraged to participate in the discussion provided that there shall be no overt solicitation of business within postings).
2. Provide the new cruiser with the benefit of the experience of veteran cruises.
3. Provide the new cruiser with information as to what to expect once he or she actually arrives on the ship ready to sail. Such topics as cruise ship dress codes, dining room traditions, shopping, booking shore excursions and tipping are all topics that the first time cruiser needs to be familiar with.

An FTP site will be maintained for related files. These files will include a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). Members of the newsgroup who go on cruises will be asked to write reviews of their experiences. These cruise reviews will be stored at the FTP site and will serve as a very valuable resource to anyone looking into sailing on the same ship or itinerary. In addition, a comprehensive listing of all cruise ships and lines will be maintained as part of the FAQ's.

In summary, encourages the free and open discussion on all aspects of cruise ship travel. Justifiable criticism of specific cruise ships and lines will be welcome up to the point of becoming personal vendettas against a specific ship or line. Users are strongly urged to keep messages of a confrontational or argumentative nature to a minimum. Finally, it is requested that articles posted to not be cross posted to or the other travel newsgroups.

End of Charter

It should be noted that the FTP site has long been done away with.
As the site holding cruises reviews has also been done away with and reviews are encouraged to post their review on